With the diversity of leagues and competitions available, a guide to keep track of where to watch each game is essential.

Now, for the 2021/22 season, a free, extensive guide is available to soccer fans as a free download.

World Soccer Talk’s newest eBook provides information for professional leagues from around the world. Additionally, international competitions from FIFA’s five confederations are also listed out in detail.

In the guide, you will find that many of the services overlap. For example, streaming services fuboTV, Paramount+ and ESPN+ hold rights to many major leagues and competitions. Still, the guide helps out the most devoted of soccer fans find any kind of content.

Leagues in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia are also available in the eBook.

Many followers may be aware of World Soccer Talk’s previous season’s ultimate streaming and TV guide. This resource mirrors that version in many regards. However, due to the constant changes with which leagues are on what streaming services, the eBook is more essential than ever (and updated for this season so you don’t miss a single game).

How to access the Ultimate TV and Streaming Guide

World Soccer Talk’s newest eBook is completely free. All you, as the reader, needs to do is opt in to World Soccer Talk’s email list to receive the guide. In addition to receiving the eBook, you will also receive World Soccer Talk’s free daily newsletter. This newsletter provides you the necessary information for what games are on and also where to find them throughout the year, as well as the latest soccer news and analysis.

The depth of the guide will keep you covered for the entirety of the 2021/22 season. In fact, it also includes competitions that happen every four years or two years. For example, the eBook lays out where to watch the European Championships, Copa América and FIFA World Cup.

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